So Many Things to Do in Kennebunkport

There's far more to do in Kennebunkport than one could possibly accomplish in a single visit during the summer. Once in Kennebunkport’s magical seaside village, you'll discover why visitors return year after year to enjoy the beautiful seasons of New England’s coast.

Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, or the “Kennebunks” as they’re known, offer arts, architecture, antiques, shopping, boating and much more. Both have historic districts steeped in local lore and offer tours of the homes of sea captains and shipbuilders. Shoppers in search of unique gifts and treasures will find them in the shops and galleries of Dock Square, the Lower Village and downtown Kennebunk.

Visit a historic Maine lighthouse, see the area on bike, foot, by car or by trolley. Or explore the seas aboard a lobster boat, on a whale watch, a charter boat, a kayak or a canoe. You will not want to miss a drive around Ocean Avenue with its Blow Holes, sweeping ocean vistas and view of President George Bush's Summer Home – Walker’s Point.

Then there is Cape Porpoise, a classic Maine fishing village with a stunning view of Goat Island Lighthouse. A couple of miles further is the fabulous Goose Rocks Beach, truly one of the country's most extraordinary beaches.

Spring brings still more special promotions and packages. Fall is the season for spectacular foliage and quiet walks along the beach. Celebrate a real old-fashioned holiday during Kennebunkport's Christmas Prelude and rekindle memories of Christmas festivities from long ago.

Whatever the season, whatever the reason, you'll find the Kennebunks have it all. Award-winning restaurants, gracious accommodations, remarkable boutique shopping and activities for all ages.

Blowing Cave

For the best natural water show around, the Blowing Cave has it all. An opening in the rocks lets water spout up to 30 feet into the air before high tide. It’s kind of like a whale blowing water. Prepare to get wet!

Walker’s Point

You will not want to miss a drive around Ocean Avenue with its Blow Holes, seeping ocean vistas and view of President George Bush's Summer Home – Walker’s Point.

Dock Square

Are you a bargain hunter? Do you enjoy seaside browsing in a wide variety of shops and chic boutiques? Then Dock Square is sure to satisfy your treasure seeking self. Whale watching, sailing excursions and fine dining are also available along this scenic stretch of Kennebunkport.

Kennebunk Beach

Kennebunk Beach is a blissful place to relax. It’s also one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. With an available playground and lifeguard on duty, you and your family can easily spend the entire afternoon at this popular attraction.

Gooserocks Beach

For ideal walks on soft sand, Gooserocks Beach definitely fits the bill. There is also trolley access for getting around town. 

Cape Porpoise Pier

Ever wonder what it’s really like to catch lobsters? You can see the hard work firsthand on Cape Porpoise Pier. Plus, you’re free to experience this charming tidal harbor as you watch fishermen haul traps to provide Maine’s signature meal.

Goat Island Lighthouse

Established in 1833, the Goat Island Lighthouse has been a boating landmark for generations. Throughout the years, ferocious storms and shipwrecks have passed by this iconic monument. And it still stands to this day. During the summer, you can visit it by boat and get a personal tour from the lighthouse keepers, who also have their own living quarters on site.

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

In cooperation with the state, the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is designed to protect salt marshes and estuaries for migratory birds. It’s open sunrise to sunset for bird watching and self-guided tours. 

The Wedding Cake House

Some call it the most photographed house in the state of Maine. That’s because this historic residence is decorated in an ornate style unlike any other. If you happen to be nearby, take your own picture of its unique architecture for your personal collection.

First Families Museum

Two centuries of Kennebunkport history is all in one place at the First Families Museum. From sea captains to presidents, you can discover many intriguing facts about this stunning region. Guided tours are available to tell you stories and present interesting artifacts. There is also a museum store on site, where you can find memorabilia and other wonderful treasures.

Seashore Trolley Museum

It’s the largest electric railway in the world. You can find out how mass transportation began and see the progress to today’s wide variety of travel options. Be sure to check out the museum’s collection of vehicles that has been gathered from almost all of the nation’s major cities. Fascinating tours and exhibits are available throughout the museum’s grounds. 

Vinegar Hill Music Theatre

Throughout the summer and fall seasons, Vinegar Hill Music Theatre offers the best talent in national, regional and local musical entertainment. With its rustic barn setting, you can enjoy an intimate venue for a wide variety of wonderful performances.

Cape Arundel Golf Club

The Cape Arundel Golf Club has been drawing golf enthusiasts since its founding in 1896. With its beautiful views and challenging holes, this course welcomes golfers of all skills and levels. 

The Lodge at Turbat’s Creek

Seven Turbat's Creek Road | P. O. Box 2722 | Kennebunkport, Maine 04046.

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